Time of Appearance

Introduction to the Weekly Magazine of the Time of Appearance

We find ourselves living in an era and a world where both natural and man-made calamities have left an indelible mark on the lives of many. From the disruptive activities of erupting volcanoes, storms, floods, and earthquakes unsettling the peace and serenity of people across different geographical regions to wars and bloodshed perpetrated by colonies against their own kind, the signs of the time of appearance are evident. These events align with the prophetic predictions of Abrahamic religions, spanning from Jesus Christ to Prophet Muhammad. They serve as harbingers of an era on the brink of collapse, indicating the imminent arrival of the real savior.

Indeed, we are in the time of appearance, and our commitment is to meticulously uncover the precise truths based on these signs and present to you the savior of the world. The official weekly magazine of the Time of Appearance stands as the exclusive Persian-language online publication dedicated to the blessed call of Yamani, operating under the auspices of the media institution of Warethin Malakoot. Officially launched in 2016, corresponding to 04/12/1394 Solar Hijri, and coinciding with the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (PBUH), under the editorship of Dr. Abdul Razzaq Diravi, it has, to date, published over 160 issues across various topics disseminated through social networks.

One of the primary objectives in founding the Time of Appearance magazine is to introduce the scientific and religious call of Yamani to Persian-speaking audiences in Iran and worldwide. Today, the most critical need of humanity, palpable in society or, rather, in the world, is the need for a “savior.” This savior, the embodiment of knowledge and justice, emerges to rescue humanity from darkness and ignorance, becoming the voice of the oppressed and every free individual seeking truth for their salvation. The nature of the call of Sayyid Ahmed Al-Hasan aligns with this quest for truth, as elucidated in select articles within the weekly magazine “Time of Appearance.”

Another goal of this magazine is to present current scientific topics. Considering the extensive dimensions of the blessed Yamani call and its richness in profound divine sciences and knowledge, it became imperative to establish a reference and base for further research and exploration into various religious, ethical, cognitive, and social issues. The magazine also delves into daily sciences such as life sciences, geology, quantum physics, and compares them with established scientific knowledge and insights from prominent world scientists. This approach aims to defend and propagate the divine science underlying the leadership of this call as the second pillar of the law of cognition for Persian speakers.

In this context, the weekly magazine of the Time of Appearance is the only official magazine of the blessed Yamani call providing comprehensive and coherent scientific articles for Persian-speaking audiences. These articles meticulously examine the scientific positions of this divine call across various rational and transmitted dimensions, explaining them in detail.

The opening statement of the magazine declares, “Day by day, we come to the certainty that our time is the time of appearance, and signs are following each other.” Events unfold rapidly, preparing the stage for the grand opening day of a new chapter in human history. The melancholy lies in the fact that despite efforts to convey the call of humanity’s savior, a significant portion of the populace remains indifferent. One of the primary reasons for their distance is the lack of interest among the people of our time in reading books and weekly magazines, coupled with their trust in those who claim expertise in religious matters.

Unfortunately, these alleged experts have played a significant role in fostering ignorance among people and distorting thoughts about religion and the issue of Imam Mahdi and his call initiated by his messenger Sayyid Ahmed Al-Hasan. Therefore, we recognized the need to publish a weekly magazine that acquaints people with the beliefs and principles of religion, addressing the ambiguities and deviations maliciously attached to them. This magazine becomes a necessary instrument in the realm of religion and ethics, fulfilling the eagerness to guide Muslims.

It is of utmost importance for us to publish the first issue of this weekly magazine, where our esteemed readers will encounter only peace and friendship. Due to our respect for the knowledge of the audience, we are confident that free, aware, and capable individuals can distinguish between truth and falsehood. This weekly magazine has been designed as a window for positive dialogue and debate. The mission of this weekly magazine is to clearly express the truth of the blessed call of the savior of humanity, like all divine calls in every time and place, armed with knowledge and evidence. (Our Lord! Open between us and our people with truth, and You are the best of openers.)

The “Zamane-Zohour” weekly channel on Telegram serves as the primary publishing platform for this endeavor.


It endeavors to be a potent disseminator of blessed sciences, akin to a luminous lamp, sparing no effort in this pursuit. Interested readers can peruse selected articles from the “Zamane-Zohour” weekly channel at the provided links:

  1. The Purpose of Evolution and Some of Its Evidence:
  2. Twelve Mahdis Among the Children of Imam Mahdi (AS):
  3. The Expansion of the World in Religious Texts:
  4. The Relationship Between the Signs of the Appearance and the Recognition of the Promised Savior:
  5. How I Recognized Sayyid Ahmad al-Hasan:
  6. Adaptive Rules of Prayer and Fasting at the (North/South) Pole:
  7. A Review of the Writings of Opponents:

In conclusion, we extend an invitation to all Persian-speaking audiences, particularly our dear Iranians, to follow the official pages of this publication. This includes the Telegram channel of Zamane-Zohour,


where they can engage with the scientific truths embedded in this blessed call. Led by the sole representative and messenger of Imam Mahdi (AS), Sayyid Ahmed Al-Hasan, this effort aims to pave the way for the appearance of Imam Mahdi (AS) and unite supporters and followers of the promised savior across various religions and sects in the end times.

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