The mission of the Warethin Malakoot Institution is to enlighten and inform people about the imminent arrival of the savior of mankind, Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him). Furthermore, it seeks to introduce Seyyed Ahmed al-Hassan al-Yamani (peace be upon him) as the messenger of Imam Mahdi, extending the invitation with a scientific and ideological approach rooted in Holy books and modern sciences.

The call of Seyyed Ahmed al-Hassan al-Yamani commenced in 1999 in Iraq, offering guidance to people globally, irrespective of their beliefs, thoughts, or perspectives. It encourages individuals to embark on a path of salvation, urging them to investigate this matter with fairness and an open-minded spirit.

Seyyed Ahmed al-Hassan (peace be upon him) articulates this approach, stating, “We invite people with wisdom and good preaching, just as Allah has commanded us in the Qur’an, and as the righteous Imams of the past have acted. If people listen, we tell them more, and if they do not care, they can go their own way, and we go ours.”

Consistent with this philosophy, believers are advised to treat all human beings, including those who may disagree, with mercy and kindness. This principle applies to interactions related to the invitation as well as everyday life.

The Warethin Malakoot Institution initiated its mission on Facebook and expanded its reach to include various platforms such as Telegram, Instagram, X (Twitter), etc., spreading the message for Farsi speakers worldwide.

To access the official pages of the Warethin Malakoot Institution, you may use the following links:

X (Twitter)
Additionally, searching for the specific username “Varesin13” on each social media platform grants access to the official page.

In addition to social media, the official websites “” and “” provide valuable scientific content, including books by Seyyed Ahmed al-Hassan and his followers, as well as the weekly magazine “Zaman-e Zohoor” (The Time of Appearance).

Truth seekers can post their questions directly on the websites and other social media platforms. The Warethin Malakoot Institution has established a Telegram group titled “Farakhan Mahdavi” (The Mahdi’s Invitation) at, responding to queries from truth seekers 18 hours a day. The group welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds, treating everyone with respect.

Through its extensive social media efforts, the Warethin Malakoot Institution aims to comprehensively present all dimensions of the Mahdi’s call. This includes content related to monotheism, ethics, Islamic lifestyle, sharia, Shia, Sunni, Christianity, Judaism, atheism, and trending topics such as artificial intelligence and homosexuality. All topics are addressed scientifically, challenging misconceptions, deviations, and harmful ideologies. Errors are corrected during discussions, and precise evidence is presented to reinforce correct beliefs and thoughts.

For truth seekers looking to stay updated, the official Telegram channel of the Warethin Malakoot Institution can be followed with the username Additionally, they are encouraged to share their comments, suggestions, and questions within the channel.

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